Renew on Android

To extend the PAOSE approach into the world of mobile devices, the Renew simulator has been ported to the operating system Android. The core plug-ins have been identified, adapted and integrated into a framework for use within Android applications.

The framework follows for now this structure:

An Android application for use with Renew, extends a given Renew super-class, which allows the starting and control of the Renew simulator.

Example: Benchmark

This framework is used to create an application to test the performance of a mobile phone. The main nets are this:

The time consumed for firing one transition using a smartphone with a 500MHz processor is 75ms. For a smartphone with a 1GHz processor the time consumption is 15ms.

Example: Phonebook

The Phonebook example is a simple application that presents a list of names that can be called. Data is provided from within the Petri nets. The following images show the user interface and the controller Perti net.

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