Mulan, Renew and example applications binary preview

  1. Download zip file : Renew binary (Mulan Technology Preview)
  2. Extract zip file
  3. Go to folder where zip file has been extracted (i.e. cd RenewMulanBinary)
  4. Run via command line:

java -jar loader.jar gui

Renew release

Renew 2.4 is available at

Lola Plugin

The Lola Plugin for Renew integrates verification capabilities in the Renew tool. It requires Renew 2.4 which can be also downloaded from this site. To use the plugin, just download the zip-file for your system type and unzip it into the plugins directory of Renew 2.4. To use the ability to display reachability graphs you will additionally need dot (part of graphviz). Please consult the README file, which is part of the distribution. When you start Renew, you should see Lola in the Start screen (or the prompt's list command) and the menu entry "Lola Integration" in the Tool menu.

For further detail see this publication at

Lola Plugin 0.8.4 for Linux 32bit 64it (May 2013)

Lola Plugin 0.8.4 for Windows 32bit 64it (May 2013)

Lola Plugin 0.8.4 for Mac (Intel) 64it (May 2013)

Known Issues

Rechability graph creation fails on Mac OS X Gui application although Graphviz is installed

If started by double-clicking the PATH variable uses the system default values. Since dot is found in /opt/local/bin (Mac Ports) the execution of dot will fail. *Remedy:* Add a line containing the full new path for the system in file /etc/launchd.conf.

If the file does not exist, simply do something like the following and reboot your system.

sudo echo "setenv PATH /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/opt/local/bin" >> /etc/launchd.conf

If the file already exists, edit the file as super user. See also this discussion on Serverfault.

Check your current PATH variable by downloading this net and starting it in Renew. (See the net.)

Using the Lola plugin on Windows
  • The Lola executables require a cygwin (see environment. Add your cygwin bin folder (e.g.: c:\cygwin\bin) to the Path environment variable.
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