Monday: Sep, 13th 2010

Lectures by

Wojciech Penzeck (Warsaw, Poland)

  • Introduction to state space-based verification
  • Formal modeling of protocols: Petri nets and automata
  • Model checking and verification of protocols: Bounded Parametric Model Checking for Petri nets
  • The VerICS Toolkit: A selection of smaller case studies

and Lars M. Kristensen (Bergen, Norway)

  • Formal modeling of protocols: Hierarchical Colored Petri Nets and CPN Tools
  • Model checking and verification of protocols: Explicit state space exploration of Colored Petri Nets
  • CPN Tools: Edge Router Discovery Protocol and the Generic Access Network Architecture

Tuesday: Sep, 14th 2010

Lectures by

Karsten Wolf (Rostock, Germany)

  • this lecture should originally be held by Eike Best
  • Structure Theory
  • PN Classes State Machines, Marked Graphs, Free Choice Nets
  • Invariants (S- and T-Invariants)
  • Traps and Siphons and their relations to liveness and boundedness (Commoners Theorem)
  • Decomposition of PNs into S- and T-Components
  • Rank Theorem
  • Structure of CPN, Transformation of finite color domain CPN, Invariants

and Kees van Hee (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

  • Business Process Modeling context
  • Modeling Business Process
  • Analysis Business Process
  • Software for Business Process Management
  • Advanced topics

Wednesday: Sep, 15th 2010

Lectures by

Wolfgang Reisig (Berlin, Germany)

and Alex Yakovlev (Newcastle, England)

  • Hardware synthesis

Thursday: Sep, 16th 2010

Lectures by

Serge Haddad (ENS Cachan, France, homepage)

  • Stochastic PN
  • Discrete Event Stochastic Processes (DESP)
  • transient and steady state analysis
  • Discrete Time Markov Chains (DTMC)
  • Continuous Time Markov Chains (CTMC)
  • Generalized Stochastic PN (GSPN)
  • memory, choice and server policies for GSPN

and Giuliana Franceschinis (Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy

  • Performance Evaluation of GSPN
  • presented tool GreatSPN
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