The Petri Net-Based Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (sometimes also Petri Net-based Agent- and Organization-oriented Software Engineering) aims at the development of concurrent, distributed systems. It offers the concepts, methods and principles that lead to a systematic Petri net-based software development for multi-agent applications.


Although in its original sense P stands for Petri nets, it could as well (and often does) stand for Process, Prototype, Perspective, Plugin or Person. Thus PAOSE is sometimes depicted as P*AOSE.

Techniques and Artifacts of PAOSE

The following diagram (SVG) gives a brief overview of the approach, with a focus on the techniques and the resulting artifacts of all task types. In PAOSE we refrain from using the terms phase or cycle since the approach is iterative but not a cycle and the task types (corresponding to phases in common development cycles) do not have temporal constrain or follow each other. In the PAOSE development process tasks are executed concurrently to other tasks of the same type and also concurrently to other tasks of other types.


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