Process-oriented Worksheets for the Support of Teaching Projects

In order to improve the structure of the existing worksheets of the PAOSE-Teaching-Project, we analyzed these in regard of the inherent processes, which are necessary to solve the exercises. Based on these learnflow models, we restructured and augmented the worksheets. This procedure leads to refined worksheets containing logically ordered and direct instructions, which the students can follow step by step.

Here we present the old non process-oriented and the new process-oriented version of an exercise of a worksheet of the PAOSE teaching project. In the previous exercises the students already implemented a one-to-one message communication between agents. The objective of this exercise is, to extend this functionality to a one-to-all (broadcast) message communication between agents. For illustration we present the text and the corresponding visualized process model of both versions of the exercise. The visualization of the process of the non-process-oriented exercise did not exist before this work. We use it, to enable a visual comparison to make the differences obvious.

Non-process-oriented version

Process-oriented version


We present the evaluation of the questionnaire fourteen students completed in the PAOSE-Teaching-Project (in winter semester 2015/16).

Question Yes Neutral No
I have known the learning objective of each worksheet. 11 2 1
I have reached the learning objectives in the default time. 11 2 1
The worksheets supported me to find the necessary information and ressources. 9 5 0
The different formatting techniques for hints, comments and supporting ressources were distinct. 4 7 3
I was able to independently solve the exercises 6 4 4
Due to the explicit process structure of the worksheets, I always know what to do. 12 1 1
Due to the explicit process structure of the worksheets, I always know my progress. 13 1 0
The level of detail of the explicit process structure was comfortable. 8 4 2
I am now able to develop the WebChat? without an explicit structure. 8 3 3
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