SonarEditor: A Tool for Multi-Agent-Organization Modelling

SonarEditor is a prototypical implementation that enables multi-agent system developers to model organizational models following the Sonar formalism. It is implemented as plugin for Renew. The SonarEditor consists of three parts: pre-build net components (Lawrence Cabac Net components: Concepts, Tool, Praxis), which help to create models, a well-formedness check that can check the well-formedness of the model and a wizard that can be used to enchance the model. The current formalism of Sonar is presented in [Köhler-Bußmeier and Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus. Analysing Model Transformations in SONAR. 2012].

The Figure shows all parts of the SonarEditor. In the top it shows the Renew menu with the new toolbar for the pre-build net components. On the right side the error frame is shown, which displays the errors occuring while checking the well-formedness of the model. It shows the errors of the example net shown in the bottom. The last part shown in the Figure is the wizard. There are five different wizard pages to support the creation of initial Tasks, Implementations and Positions.

The plugin is attached to this page.

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